YC Inox

Our main supplier

YC Inox Co.Ltd. is Taiwan’s largest service center for stainless steel plate, as well as its largest producer of stainless steel pipes. There are only two larger stainless steel pipe manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1973, YC Inox is a public company whose shares are traded on the Taipei Stock Exchange. It currently uses three production units with a total area of 172,000 m2 and employs about 750 people.

Taiwan's Leading Stainless Steel Manufacturer

A successful partnership in the stainless steel industry.

While YC Inox has always specialized in welded tubes, since 2002 it has also invested heavily in the production of flat products.

Today, YC Inox is a “one-stop shop” for virtually all stainless steel products, including decorator, process pipe, cold and hot rolled plate, even angle bar and various profiles. In 2014, production of seamless pipes was also launched, which has been well received in the market. YC’s surface treatment is generally considered “best in class”. This is why we recommend their products.

We placed our first order with YC Inox back in 2002. Since then, we have come to appreciate them for their integrity, service and commitment to quality. Kominox would not have been what it is today without YC Inox and we like to think that Kominox has contributed in a small way to the success of our Taiwanese partner.

We at Kominmox are very proud to represent YC Inox in our region. The strong partnership we have built has helped us develop our markets and is a key component of our future strategy.