Decorative tubes

Superior quality at competitive prices

With our long experience, we can say without hesitation that our stainless steel pipes are of a higher quality than usual. This is a result of the advanced production process of YC Inox, our supplier. The welding process is an example. It produces a virtually invisible weld seam and ensures a superior surface finish. Our customer surveys confirm that this is an irresistible combination.

Main characteristics.

An almost invisible welding seam. Just cut and assemble - no need to work on internal surfaces!

Easy to polish and sand. This is due to the high quality of the raw material. Because of this, you can reduce lead times and manufacturing costs!

High quality packaging - each polished or sanded pipe is individually wrapped in plastic. This facilitates handling and protects the product from scratches.

Easy to weld. The high quality of the raw material makes welding easier and saves time and money.

Incredibly easy to bend. So easy, in fact, that our customers call them "soft" pipes.

Consistent form. Batch after batch, year after year, our pipes' geometry is predictable and strictly adheres to specifications.

Reliable chemical composition. Avoid problems and costs associated with unexpected corrosion!