Process pipes

Superior quality at competitive prices

Our stainless steel process pipes are of the highest quality in the industry and are used by our customers for very demanding applications, including radiators, dairies and pulp mills. Our partner YC Inox’s advanced production technology provides a world-class product. One example is the welding process, which guarantees an invisible weld seam and a very high surface finish. We can offer our customers quality assurance through testing such as eddy current tests and hydrostatic tests according to EN or ASTM standards.

Main characteristics.

Reliable chemical composition. Avoid problems and costs associated with unexpected corrosion!

An almost invisible welding seam. Just cut and assemble - no need to work on internal surfaces!

Easy to weld. The high quality of the raw material makes welding easier and saves time and money.

Real-time welding quality control ensures uncompromising quality. Use our pipes and stop worrying!