About Kominox

I have never felt such passion for any other material as for stainless steel.

– Anders Nilson, CEO

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an amazing material: beautiful, eternal, shiny and strong. I have been working with ordinary steel and many other metals for nearly thirty years, but I have never felt such a passion for any other material as I do for stainless steel.

It is the unique combination of durability and beauty that allows stainless steel to be used in so many different situations. I often think “they should have used stainless steel instead – think how much better it would be”, or “why didn’t they use stainless steel?”. They would have saved themselves so much trouble in the long run”. Stainless steel is the future. It represents a world of opportunities and bold solutions. – Anders Nilson, CEO.

Our history

Anders Nilson, who had long experience in the stainless steel industry, realized that heavy investment in Asian plants had led to top quality production, especially in Taiwan. He anticipated that this would give the products great potential for export to Europe. Anders anchored his vision by creating a professional, service-oriented trading company aimed at satisfying market demands throughout Northern and Eastern Europe.

Today, Kominox has more than 500 satisfied customers throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries and Ukraine. Increasingly, our suppliers are also from Europe, such as Acerinox S.A., Spain. We are certified to ISO 9001 and 14001. The results are good – old customers have been retained and new ones added, year after year.